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Welcome to Telavi Wine Cellar  official web site.

A company that combines the art of ancient traditions with sophisticated modern practices in Georgian winemaking.


Georgia is filled with legends, ceremonies and traditions that possess the deepest appreciation for winemaking. To taste the wine born in this land of warriors and poets, in a valley guarded by the mighty Caucasus range, located at the cross-roads of the East and West, is like taking a pleasant stroll through history Wine culture was given the life together with the birth of Georgia. Grape seeds dated back to 7-6 thousand years BC and 3000 years old huge clay jugs, discovered during the excavations from ancient settlements, prove this assumption. Some even consider, that a generic word for “wine” stems from the Georgian word “gvino”. Many famous poets, writers and travelers describe in their masterpieces Georgia as the land of the antique traditions of vine-growing and winemaking. Among them is Antique author Apollonius of Rhodes, who panegyrics Georgia in his Argonautica in 295 B.C..


“…And close by garden VINES covered with green foliage were in full bloom, lifted high in air. And beneath them ran four fountains, ever-flowing, which Hephaestus had delved out. One was gushing with milk, one with WINE, while the third flowed with fragrant oil; and the fourth ran with water, which grew warm at the setting of the Pleiads, and in turn at their rising bubbled forth from the hollow rock, cold as crystal…”


The uniqueness of Georgian Wine...

.... is based on numerous original grape varieties perfect matching to the certain soil and climate conditions. Centuries of trial resulted in different wine styles from region to region, from light body whites to heavy bodied reds and sweet wines, even Icewine. 


Georgian wine classification is similar to those found

in France and Italy. The existing classification was

officially revised in 1998 (The “Law of Georgia on

Vine and Wine” can be found on the site). The most

important Appellations of Controlled Origin are:

Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Mukuzani, Napareuli, Kvareli, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Kvanchkara and Tvishi



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Telavi Wine Cellar

Kurdgelauri, Telavi, 2200, Georgia

Tel.: (+995 350) 73707, 50555. Fax: (+995 350) 50055

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